Droid Rage

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Vision statement

​​Mission/Vision Statements

The Collegiate High School Robotics Program does not believe that winning defines our success. We recognize team success when every team member contributes their entire efforts to bring forth individual creativity, demonstrate their diverse abilities, work hard, and maintain perseverance to ultimately showcase the team’s achievements. We do not intend to generate or inflict unnecessary pressure upon our team to win a competition. The team endures enough pressure as a result of the competition’s unpredictable tasks, limited time frame to create functional and operational robots, for both the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition. Be that as it may, executing the impossible is “no sweat" for us.

Mission Statement

Our robotics program's motto is to work hard while having fun. Our aim is to motivate student learning in science technology, engineering, and mathematics that goes beyond the classroom. As a mentor-based program, veteran team members build partnerships with new team members to foster the future leadership of their team successors. Robotics provides students an exploration opportunity through all dimensions to discover their interests and gain necessary skills stimulated by creativity and critical thinking. At this day and age, we believe that these skills are more important than ever in preparing our youth for endless possibilities and support the technology demands of industry.