Droid Rage

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STEM Awareness

Droid Rage recognizes the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, more commonly known as STEM, for future generations and the impact that these certain subjects have on society. Since we are a FIRST program, we believe that it is our duty to spread the awareness of STEM and its importance to young and creative minds. In order to do so, we attend numerous science nights for elementary and middle schools, participate in various science camps, and encourage other schools within the district to start a FIRST robotics program!

Another one of our missions is to help improve our community in order to progress as a society in whatever way we are able to. As a program, we believe that it is our duty as a program to give back to our community with the influence that we have. When the opportunity arises, we try to volunteer as much as possible. 

This robotics program believes that every successful team receives help throughout their journey in order to continuously improve. In our program, we not only seek help from mentors of our own, but we also act as mentors to other schools that have FIRST robotics teams. Whether they need help with programming, engineering, or simply knowing how to run a team, we come to their aid. With every team that we have mentored, we strive to see them flourish both as a team, and as a significant influence within our community.